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What tutors are saying

Nimbus stands out as an organization that really cares about its tutors. Other services I've worked with have made me feel like an asset to make them a quick buck, but not Nimbus. It's all about connecting passionate tutors with curious students to make a lasting community. It's exactly how a great educational experience should be.

Daniel HutamaTutor

An interesting and ambitious idea, together with a thirst for learning (both from students and tutors), have made Nimbus the exemplary start-up icon it is today. I especially thank Nimbus for the immense confidence it has instilled in me as a tutor.

Siddarth RaghavanTutor

Working with Nimbus has made tutoring a seamless and hassle-free process. The platform is very user-friendly and I love the flexibility that comes with it, from setting your own rates, to determining our availability, and to choosing locations. Most of all, I very much appreciate the dedicated and friendly support that I constantly receive from the Nimbus team should I need any help.

Pierre ShenoudaTutor

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