If the session was longer than expected, how can I extend its duration using the application?

If the session goes longer than anticipated, the current solution is to have the student book an additional time slot equivalent to this overflow and begin that lesson immediately. We are currently working on an “Extend Lesson” feature to render this process more efficient.

What happens when the application is slow and/or is not working properly when I try to log in?

Please ensure that you have the latest update downloaded. If you have the latest version downloaded please try closing and restarting the application. If this doesn’t improve your situation, please contact us at and we will look carefully into solving your issue.


What happens when there are no tutors for a course?

Make sure to add the course to the “My Courses” section of the application. Whenever a tutor becomes available for that course, we will send you an email and a notification to let you know!

What happens when I cancel a lesson?

If you cancel outside of a tutors’ cancellation policy, no fee will be incurred. However, if you cancel within a tutors’ cancellation policy, a penalty fee will be incurred. Every tutor selects their own cancellation policy, so you will have to check directly on their Nimbus profile to be sure.


I was already accepted as a tutor, but when creating my profile, it prompts me to schedule another interview, what should I do?

Since we have already accepted you as a tutor, you can pick any time slot for the interview, and we will accept you automatically.

I cannot find a course that I would like to be a tutor for. What do I do?

When adding the courses that you would like to teach, there will be a “Request a New Course” button. It will not add the course instantly, as we need to approve it on our side, but within 24 hours you will be able to add it.

How long does it take to receive my funds from tutoring lessons?

It usually takes between 2 to 5 business days. For your security, we do not directly process payments. If it takes longer, please contact Stripe.

Can I be a tutor for multiple universities within the same city?

Yes you can. When creating your tutor profile, you will have to select which universities you would like to be a tutor for, and during that step you can select multiple universities.

What happens if I am late for a lesson?

If you are running late for a lesson, be sure to let the student know using the in-app message function. Then, offer to go past the suggested ending time for the lesson. If they accept, you can simply start the lesson once you have met up, and the app will take into account the late start. If the student cannot extend the lesson beyond the original allotted time, please contact us at and we will make the necessary refunds.

If you are experiencing any issues, please leave us a message below!