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At Nimbus, we ensure the quality of our tutors by interviewing and handpicking every single one of them to ensure that you will get the best learning experience possible.


“Pauline was extremely qualified, I could tell because she made sure to communicate with me in French during the lesson which I really appreciated!”

Pauline Kress - Math tutor

Siddarth teaches you the concepts in a very organized matter and you’re able to understand even the hardest concepts. Had a great time learning from him!

Siddarth Raghavan - Tutor

Very good at explaining concepts and working through examples. Highly recommend!

Vincent Huang - Tutor

We value your trust


And that is why we carefully select and vet our tutors.
CAREFULLY SELECTED – Our community management team hand selects the best tutors before interviewing them.
MASTER OF THEIR COURSES – All tutors must have an A- or higher in the courses they wish to teach. Tutors are course-specific having previously aced the exact course that you require help with.
INTERVIEW AND MOCK LESSON – Every tutor must prepare and teach a mock lesson for our community management team where their teaching skills are put to the test.
MINIMUM RATING – After undergoing through our vetting process, all tutors on the Nimbus platform must maintain above a 4 star rating to remain an active tutor.
PERSONALIZED – We understand that each student is unique, which is why we ensure to recruit tutors that are approachable and capable to tackle anything with you.

Built with your needs in mind.

We know firsthand what it’s like

being a student.


At Nimbus, we want to ensure our tutors are paid what they deserve, but not forgetting to keep the prices as student-friendly as possible.


At Nimbus, you can book a lesson in just a few clicks, using our new and improved mobile application.


At Nimbus, we want to keep the standards of lessons provided high, and hence you will be guaranteed a refund if unsatisfied with your lesson.


At Nimbus, the decision lies in your hands, not us! Screen through our tutors and pick the best choice for yourself.

Flexible times

and locations.

At Nimbus, we understand that everyone has a busy schedule.

Hence, we provide you the convenience of booking a tutor wherever you want, whenever you want.



Courses offered*


Of all our tutors have more than 4.5 out of 5 star ratings*

*All statistics and reviews are on Canadian usage.

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Here’s what our students have to say!

Coming into first year, there were so many tutors slapping nothing but their phone numbers and the courses that they were teaching on a bulletin board. However, without knowing how good they were, it was really difficult finding a tutor that fit my needs. Nimbus’ rating system and high standards for their tutors made me trust the app and go to it every time before a midterm or a final. I hope Nimbus grows and positively impacts a student’s academic life just like it has impacted mine.

Owen BaiStudent

Using the app was extremely convenient and met my needs when it came to learning French at a university level! I’ve had many negative tutoring experiences in the past so it was refreshing to finally have an app that did all the difficult things for me such as, finding a tutor for my level and subject, a meeting place (the app suggests these places) and a way to communicate online directly and professionally. My tutor was extremely qualified, I could tell because she made sure to communicate with me in French during the lesson which I really appreciated! She was always well prepared and would double-check that I had a grasp of the material before ending the session. From this experience, I can tell that the hiring process is highly selective as they understand the pressure that comes
with studying and needing a qualified tutor.

Robyn ShawStudent

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